Building chromolly rear disk brake hubs for lowered Volkswagen buses.

We are getting closer to finishing a batch of our new and improved high-end rear disk brake kits. Modeled after the factory Porsche rear disk brakes with internal parking brake shoes, these kits will surely be the best you can buy.

Application is for the rear of your 1955-67 split window Volkswagen bus, ” with lowered swing or irs transmissions”. 


Split bus frame for suspension demo

Here is a splity frame that we cut away from the rusted out bus it came in on, it is now used in our shop to aid in drafting, designing and fitment of our custom Volkswagen bus suspensions.
Currently installed on the frame is a Wagenswest air ride suspension, with a 5 inch narrowed air beam and 6 inch bus/Porsche hybrid welded dropped spindles. Brembo 4 piston Porsche turbo brakes and rotors on all four corners, with some chrome 17 inch Fuchs wheels on 205/40 tires. The rear suspension has a Wagenswest IRS kit with a pair of our custom tubing trailing arms that are narrowed 1 inch each side, making it possible to run stock length type one IRS axles and it helps to fit the wheels and tires in the wheel well. The tubing IRS rear arms are built with a gull wing arch, this arch is to make room for an air bag. without this gull wing arch fitting a bag like this would be a mess. This suspension system is designed to set the bumpers on the ground and then be pumped up to drive smoothly at high speeds.20130609-224851.jpg20130609-224904.jpg20130609-224916.jpg20130609-224926.jpg20130609-224940.jpg20130609-224950.jpg20130609-224959.jpg